Humane Ways to Kill Rodents

While some Albuquerque rodents can cause serious damages if they invaded our property, they still deserve to be treated humanely. Most people will probably recommend the use of glue traps and poison, but these are often inhumane. In addition, they also have adverse effect to humans and non-targeted animals. If you have attempted all the non-lethal methods but the rodent infestation persists, then you may use a lethal method. However, make sure that the method that you will use will not cause them unnecessary suffering.

Lethal but Humane Ways to End Your New Mexico Rodent Infestation
Before using other methods, understand that there are better ways to deal with your infestation. By minimizing the pain that the rodent will feel, you can guarantee that you will give them a relaxing death.

If you can shoot them at the right place, then you will be giving them a swift death. If you are using firearms during the hunting season, you may need to carry permit and licenses in case you plan to use firearm or crossbow. When hunting some rodents, you will only be allowed to kill an exact number. The use of firearm may also not be allowed to use in your municipality. You should only use a firearm with low caliber to avoid the probability of ricocheting.

Gas Chamber
Using gas chamber will lead to death by asphyxiation. Gas chamber has long been treated as a humane solution. However, in a more recent report, experts found out that the creature will suffer an intense pain for 15 seconds if you place them in an area with 50% of carbon. There are guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that the process will remain humane. As the oxygen in their body is being replaced with a heavier gas, the animal will go into comma and will eventually die. Gas chamber is sometimes performed by the local animal control agency and wildlife rehabilitation center.

Lethal Injection
It might be uncommon for the veterinarians to perform lethal injection but there are those that perform them as a part of their profession. A muscle relaxant will be first administered followed by a drug that stops their heart muscle. This will provide the creature with a relaxing death. Sadly, not a lot of veterinarians are willing to do this due to the health risks related with the wild animals. The method is also more expensive compared to the other lethal methods.

Hitting Them at The Back of their Head
Dealing a quick blow at the rear of their head can cause an effect like shooting. However, this can be quite troublesome if you can’t restrain the movement of the Albuquerque animal. Hitting them on the other parts of their body will cause an excruciating pain. You should never step on their head or smash them against the solid surface.

The humaneness of the method can be determined through the level of pain that the animals felt. By using the method, we mentioned in this article, you can guarantee that the rodents will experience a relaxing death.

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